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Khalmplex is an original trap/hip-hop artist from San Antonio, Texas with a hard-edged lyrical style meant to reach the hearts of the wounded and broken. Inspired by Tupac, Scarface, UGK, Dipset, and Master P, Khalmplex is in love with the craft of hip-hop and is chasing that same level of true greatness. His self-titled debut album, Khalmplex, emerged in June of 2019 and introduced the rap world to a young gangster mourning the loss of his leader and running from his demons. Now, Plex has two new albums ready to drop, As I Ascend and Kathlik Mafia, that will let his fans meet the man who has accepted the challenge of replacing a great leader and who has learned to embrace those demons and turn their presence into power. 

Khalmplex came to love music as a child in a broken home experiencing poverty and domestic violence. “I would put on my headphones and step into another plane of consciousness where all my disadvantages in life felt so short term,” he says. Plex knew by the time he was 13 that he had a gift no one else around him could match.

He kept it to himself for a while, finally beginning his professional recording career at 16. He spent the next eight years paying his dues, recording for sketchy labels, and learning the game. He got tired of never being a priority to his labels and being put on hold over and over. In a huge power move, Plex cut all ties, severed all relationships, and became an independent self-financed artist, which was the right move for himself and his future. Now, things are getting done.

These days, Plex has come a long way from the humble beginnings of his youth and wants to show others in similar low-income environments what the will to overcome looks like. “I feel like God has put one of his strongest weapons inside of me,” he states. “Though I will be ridiculed at times and face mass criticism and endless self-doubt, I feel I will be doing this world a disservice by remaining silent.” 

Khalmplex is a rising star in the rap game who speaks for the few that will accept the challenge of overcoming their difficult circumstances, those that will defy the odds, and who believe that everything is possible. “Money doesn't make me,” he says, “my main goal is to empower the powerless and give a voice to those forced to believe they’re speechless.” This attitude makes Khalmplex an important and relevant voice in an often-negative industry. His tracks embody the truth of hip-hop and it won’t be long until the whole world hears them. 




Khalmplex in his second single “Ceaser” off the self titled ground shaking debut album,”KHALMPLEX”

Makes his triumphant return to the badlands of south Texas where he practices a new form of music, magic, and warcraft few believed possible Before him. 

Will his evolution bring him untold power and fortune?

Or a short life of pain and turmoil?….


Khalmplex in his long awaited solo debut

speaks of breaking containment; freeing his mind, spirit, and most importantly his beloved art from the shackles of crooked labels and jealous investors...

six oh wun

Khalmplex reppin dat 601 block 

aka the HOUSE OF SIN



Khalmplex is the debut album from San Antonio-based gangster/trap artist Khalmplex, an intensely complicated and authentic performer who is unafraid to show all sides of himself to his crowd. The record is powered by Plex’s internal pain as the last surviving member of a once-legendary crime syndicate crossed with the drive to empower the powerless and give a voice to those forced to believe they’re speechless. 

Plex is a lyrical rapper in the classic sense, with multiple messages to communicate to his people. His sound and style on Khalmplex both hit like fresh air for the soul and Plex comes across as a hardened spirit and a Zen master at the same time. Tracks like “Dance With The Devil,” “Man In A Box,” and “Southside G” contain tough lines dropped in hypnotic flows but also carry the wisdom learned from being a conflicted young man caught between righteousness and wickedness. Production on the record is wide-open and cinematic, giving Khalmplex a funky but emotive series of beats that greatly enhance his bars. The combination is strong enough to bring Plex to a global fanbase in a short period of time.

Khalmplex has an important album and artistic statement on his hands with this record. The music commands attention upon first contact and repeated listening will reveal the character and struggle of its creator. Plex is a unique and fiercely individualized voice in an overpopulated playing field and this allows him to stand tall when compared to other performers. If you support only one new album this summer, let it be Khalmplex. This is the music our world needs to hear.



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Album Release

In his long awaited self titled debut, Khalmplex burst onto the scene aggressively addressing a new world lacking leadership, imagination, and belief of self. From this point only possibilities exist.  What do you choose to acknowledge?

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